Everything you need to create, deploy and run your WordPress SaaS

General Features

The Basics

  • Unlimited Servers

  • Unlimited Customers

  • Unlimited Customer Sites

  • Unlimited Templates

  • Unlimited Products

  • Extensible


Flexible Product Features

  • Recurring Subscription Products

  • Flat Fee Products

  • Charge Setup Fees

  • Dedicated Server Options For Selected Products

  • Customizable Notices

  • Site Cancellation Options

Advanced Features

Features For More Complex Use-cases

  • Disk Quotas

    Limit each product to a fixed amount of disk space.

  • Branded URLS

    Set your default customer site domain to something.yourdomain.com

  • Multiple Options For Cancellations

    When a user cancels you can choose to automatically delete their site, disable it or apply an 'admin lock'.

  • Multiple Options for Non Payment

    If a user's account cannot be charged, you can choose to disable their site or apply an 'admin lock'.

  • WooCommerce Integration

    All your billing and product management is done inside of WooCommerce.  This means that most WC extensions are available for use to handle even complex use cases.

  • Open Source

    Completely customizable and extensible.


Have It Your Way

  • Unlimited Site Templates

  • Unlimited Template Versions

  • Customization Help Available


It's Both In Our Name & Our Credo

  • Your Infrastructure

    Everything we build for you is in your own accounts.  Which means that you own it all and there is no lock in.  All servers, sites and payment & customer information is your own and 100% controlled by you!

  • Open Source

    Everything we use to run your OpenSaaS for you is Open Source and based on WordPress.

Ready For Your Own WordPress SaaS?

Start building it right now.  You could be ready to onboard new customers in as little as one week!