WordPress SaaS & WaaS Business Models

A Quick Take…

When you decide to build a WordPress SaaS most people think about a self-service business. This is a business where customers go to your site and help themselves to what they need, barely contacting you for anything.

However, there is another type of WordPress SaaS you can build – one that includes at its core a ‘white-glove’ service.

Building a truly self-service WaaS is expensive because you end up automating EVERYTHING. Building out that automation can be time-consuming and a real drain on a budget.

And in most SaaS self-service business models you have to attract and retain a lot of customers at a relatively low price point to make the economics work.

However, if you combine your WaaS with a little bit of ‘white-glove’ service, you can increase your price points, better service your customers and get to market faster because you’re not trying to automate every little thing.

Once you’ve proved product market fit with your combination WaaS and ‘white-glove’ service AND you have revenue coming in, you can start to automate more things, eventually hitting your goal of a fully self-service business.

This brief missive is just to offer you some food for thought as you think about the type of business you’re building with your WordPress SaaS offer.

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