The Ultimate Guide To Building A WordPress SaaS – Part 1 (of 5)

Appendix A: Running Todo List

This is just a list of all the tasks we’ll be handling as we tweak our template site in this series.

  • Include a link directly to the KADENCE TEMPLATE screen in the welcome email instead of wp-admin.
  • Create a custom modification that detects the first time the user logs into wp-admin and automatically navigates to the KADENCE TEMPLATE screen.
  • Block access to APPEARANCE->THEMES so that the user cannot upload their own theme or change the existing one.
  • Block access to the entire PLUGINS screen
  • Rename ‘Kadence’ to something with your brand – for the purposes of this series we’ll use the brand name ‘Basic Store’
  • Hide the KADENCE LICENSE ACTIVATION menu option
  • Hide some of the Kadence links and blocks.
  • Remove most metaboxes from the WordPress ‘Dashboard’ since they aren’t that important to the site builder experience.

Appendix B: List of Premium Plugins & Themes

If you’d like to follow along with this series in a hands-on fashion you will need to purchase some premium plugins and themes. This appendix contains a running list

Appendix C: List of Free Plugins

  • User Role Editor

Appendix D: Alternative Browsers

As you go through the development process, you will find yourself constantly logging in and out of accounts if you use only a single browser. Here are some alternative browsers you can download and use simultaneously.

  • Chrome: Use this to login to your OpenSaaS Primary Server and your template sites
  • Firefox: Use this to test the checkout process, acting as a customer would on your site
  • Brave: Use this to develop your template sites. This is optional since you can use Chrome for both your Primary Server and your Template Sites. We just like to keep a different browser for each task type so it’s harder to get confused about which site we’re working on.

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